Chuck’s Writing Checklist For NonFiction


Why did I consider this topic?

Did I analyze my audience?

Did I analyze the targeted journal/magazine’s usual publications (if appropriate?)

What is the deadline? (How much other work do I have to do?)

Is there a special consideration, format, length, or word count?

Should I use a particular style manual for this manuscript?

Did I select a logical method of organization such as chronology, importance, or spatial order?

Did I shape the writing by finding the best way to organize the material?

Did I select the proper tone?

Do I have an Introduction, Body, and Summary?

Did I order ideas in a logical way?

Did I outline key points?Did I draft by writing my ideas in sentences and paragraphs?

Did I group similar ideas?

Did I revise my draft and rethink my ideas?

Did I remove anything that is illogical?

Did I cut unnecessary words, sentences, and paragraphs?

Did I rewrite confusing passages?

Did I reject nonessential ideas?

Did I edit and proof my writing?

Really…You need to print it out and read it!

Did I spell-check AND physically reread for errors in spelling?

Did I check for grammar errors?

Did I check for punctuation errors?

Did I check for capitalization errors?

Did I properly credit other people’s thoughts and writing?

Did I have somebody else proofread my work?